Police Appeal

    Police in the Kennet area of Wiltshire are advising visitors to
crop circles and isolated historic sites in the area to be on their

    In recent weeks a spate of thefts from motor vehicles have been
reported by visitors to many of the sites in Kennet, especially near to
Alton Barnes, Avebury, Savernake Forest and Clench Common.

    Visitors should ensure all windows are closed and that their
vehicles are securely locked when unattended. They should ensure that
they take all items of any value with them. Visitors should not leave
handbags, hold alls, coats and other items in the cars if possible, even
if they take the trouble to conceal them. The thieves know all the
tricks that people use!     Visitors should not bring anything valuable to
these sites that they can not easily carry with them when they leave
their vehicles.

    The misery and inconvenience that such crimes cause to the
victims is very considerable and local police patrols are being
increased in the areas to try and deter the culprits. Crime reduction
information is also being supplied at the sites but this should not
encourage visitors to be more complacent about security. 
    The simple message is that visitors may feel that they are in
the rural idyllic countryside when they visit such sites. However, this
does not automatically mean that they should be less mindful about the
security of their possessions and vehicles. The same common sense
measures that motorists might take if they were to park in an inner city
area should be adhered to at these rural sites as well.

    Thank you 

    Community Beat Manager
    Pewsey Rural Neighbourhood Policing Team
    Wiltshire Constabulary