Like it or not, it seems that we now have to include the crop circle phenomena amongst the other enigmatic components of the Avebury area as in recent years whoever or whatever is producing them seems to have a preference for this part of Wiltshire. With a number of them it would seem that there is a human agency involved if indeed there isn't with all of them. After all one only has to look at what is already at Avebury to see what humans are capable of achieving.

However that isn't to say that many of them aren't quite amazing in their beauty, complexity and flawless execution. Definitely a challenge to one's mental faculties to comprehend how they are being produced, apparently with no witnesses. One can only assume that is much of their purpose anyway so perhaps Avebury would seem an appropriate place for them although some of the local farmers might not be in total agreement.

Probably the most sensible website about crop circles!
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